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Lawn & Garden Equipment Dealer in New York Martins Outdoor Power Equipment  Has been serving Ontario, Seneca  and surrounding Counties since 1993. With locations in Geneva and Seneca Falls, New York we are able to serve our customers with a large selection of new and used outdoor power equipment including commercial lawn mowers, zero turn mowers, compact tractors and more. We offer popular brands like Grasshopper, Scag, Simplicity, Yanmar, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Efco and BCS. We serve the commercial landscaper and the homeowner with professionalism and integrity.

Come into our NY stores and check out our new lawn and garden equipment. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you make wise decisions about purchasing a new lawn mower, trimmer, chainsaw, and other equipment.
We stock many high-demand lawn equipment parts so you don't lose any productivity.     

Our certified mechanics will do their best to get your mower running as quickly as possible. We also offer a spring maintenance program, tire changing, and engine repair. We also have a delivery truck so if you can't bring your mower in, we can pick it up for you. To avoid wait time in the spring, make use of our winter storage program. We store your equipment here and service and repair it doing the winter so it is ready to go in the spring    

Martins Stove & Fireplace sells Wood Pellet Fuel

Martins Stove & Fireplace sells Wood Pellet Fuel

Buy Your Pellets now for next heating season



Which is better … Hardwood or Softwood Pellets?


Both or neither … It really depends on the quality.

For wood stoves and fireplaces, it is true hardwood is the preferred fuel because it is

denser, it has a lower moisture content, burns longer and has hotter coals. As softwood

tends to burn hotter initially and is easier to light it will not burn as long. However,

when it comes to pellet stoves, it is the quality of the wood pellet rather than the

species that truly makes a difference. A premium quality wood pellet will have

approximately 8000 BTUs per pound with up to 8% moisture and a minimum bulk density

of 40 lbs per cubic foot.

The pelletizing process removes many of the differences between hardwood and

softwood. In the pelletizing process wood chips are ground into sawdust and dried to a

consistent moisture level. The sawdust is then compressed into a pellet. The compression

equalizes the density of the wood pellets whether the fiber is softwood or hardwood. The

pellets are compressed to the same density, approximately 40 lbs per cubic foot.

A premium quality wood pellet will have less than 1% ash content. Although with all wood

pellets you will have some ash, the characteristics of the ash and amount of ash content

will vary depending on quality. With some wood pellets you may have a light fly ash that

will collect in your heat exchanger or settle in your vent, or a heavy ash that collects in

the ash pan. Some ash is high in minerals that it can melt and harden into what is known

as a clinker. It is highly suggested to regularly maintain you appliance for it to perform at

its optimal level.

A premium quality wood pellet will range between .25 – 1.5 inches in length. The shorter

the pellets the faster they feed. Increasing / decreasing your feed rate on your appliance

will help you adjust for the length of the pellet. For shorter wood pellets you may have to

decrease your feed rate. Despite the slight change in feed rate the burn characteristics

and BTUs will be the same.

Curran Renewable purchases 100% of the necessary wood chips from their sister

company Seaway Timber Harvesting. Seaway Timber Harvesting has been in the forestry

management business for decades. Because of this relationship we control the supply of

wood, the species of the trees, the balance of hardwood and softwood as well as what

parts of the trees end up in our products. This results in a higher quality wood pellet being

produced to meets the demands of our customers. To ensure our wood pellets meet the

requirements of the PFI’s super premium and premium grades we have our pellets tested

on a regular basis by a third party testing lab.

For more information about our wood pellets, please visit

Energy From The Forest To You.TM


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